A Family Discovers The Tiniest Kitten In The Middle Of The Road, But He Is Not What He Appears To Be /vol

A Thai family found a small kitten in the middle of the road with no sign of its mother. The teeny-tiny kitten, on the other hand, was no ordinary kitten.

When rescuers came, they found the small kitten with striped markings was a fishing cat kitten, a wild cat roughly twice the size of a domestic cat.
The kitten was just a few hours old when it was rescued by Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand.

Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand stated. “They found the cat in a rice field next to the home while working a few years ago, reared it to adulthood, and then released it back into the wild.”

The family became acquainted with the mother fishing cat, and she returned to the house on occasion. The mother cat had come close the day before they found the kitten.

It’s possible that the mother gave birth to a litter and then dropped this small one on the road while moving her kids.

The family welcomed the mother’s comeback, but she never did, so they asked help.
“When we arrived, we saw the kitten was extremely cold and in urgent need of milk, so we immediately returned to the WFFT Wildlife Hospital, holding the kitten close to vet Aon’s chest to keep warm.”

The Southeast Asian Fishing Cat is a unique species. Fishing Cats, unlike other cats, enjoy being near water and frequently enter it to hunt for fish, hence the name.

These creatures are endangered and have been categorized as vulnerable to extinction as a result of wetlands degradation and hunting.

“The Fishing Cat stands a high danger of extinction throughout its range, and is believed to be among the most vulnerable of Southeast Asia’s small and medium-sized cats,” according to WFFT.

They named him Simba.

This is a picture of a beautiful adult Fishing Cat.

Please tell your friends about this tale. If you’d like to help WFFT in their rescue efforts, click here to find out how. (image courtesy of thedodo)

Source: paws-daily.com


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