A timid kitten, discovered hiding in a haystack, undergoes a heartwarming transformation upon finding someone to shower her with love.

Debbie Harris, a foster volunteer of Animal Allies in Virginia, received a call about a kitten found in a barn without a mother in sight. “They were clearing out the barn and found a single kitten hiding in some hay,” Debbie said.

They immediately started searching all around for other kittens and the cat mom but to no avail. As they continued their effort to locate more kitties, they reached out to Debbie and asked if she could help the little guy.

“Of course I said, ‘yes.’”

The tabby boy was about three weeks old, very scared and hissy. Despite that tough exterior, Debbie knew the little kitten just wanted to be loved.

“Kittens usually hiss when they are startled or feel threatened. Very small kittens hiss when they smell a new scent and/or unfamiliar odor. They hiss as a way of alerting momma and siblings to possible danger or a predator. It’s a defense mechanism and he’s a smart little nugget,” Debbie said. “He will come around in no time.”

Debbie and her family worked together to keep him fed, clean and loved around the clock.

To make sure that he would not feel alone, they gave him a big teddy bear to cuddle with.

Around the same time, three little orphaned kittens found their way to Debbie’s home.

“They were found by a family all huddled together in a field inside some tall grass. The mother cat didn’t come back for them, but traps have been set in the same area to help capture her,” Debbie said.

They were in rough shape, and the little gray kitten (the runt) was fading upon arrival, but Debbie was determined to save him. “It’s amazing what a heating pad, good nutrition, medication, a warm bath and a lot of love can do!”

A week later, he was nursed back to health!

“The kittens now have full bellies and a warm heating pad to sleep on. Their lives just got a whole lot better

“The field kittens are about the same age as the barn kitty. Debbie hoped to introduce them, so they could all have friends to play and cuddle with as they grow.

This week, the little singleton and his new friends are finally ready to meet. He’s so excited to have feline friends to cuddle when he naps.

Kitten season is in full swing, and foster volunteers are constantly in short supply.

“If you are able to volunteer to foster, now is the time,” Debbie added.

The tiny patchwork family is thriving in foster care.
With good food, warm beds, and plenty of love to go around, the barn kitty has really come around!

Source: lovemeow.com


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