A stray cat found her way into a firehouse and sought assistance from everyone, tugging at their heartstrings.

The tabby cat strolled into Station 57 Fire Department in New York for a warm place to stay and turned it into her own little kingdom.

She was a bit shy when she first interacted with the firemen there, but after a few pets, she was hooked and started to warm up to her human friends. “Alternative homes are a wonderful solution to the problem of homeless kitties,” Station 57 told Love Meow.

Soon all her worries dissipated and were substituted with purrs and pure bliss.

From that day on, everyone there became her family.

Being brushed makes her the happiest kitty in the world. She gives this blissfully content face when being petted as if she’s in a trance.

Every time she gets groomed, she purrs up a storm and starts licking her groomer as a token of her appreciation.

She walks around the station and makes sure everyone gets their turn to brush her. No one is left out.

That face!

In exchange for all the pampering, the tabby girl keeps rodents at bay. At times, she brings “gifts” to her humans in the morning after a night of chasing off critters.

“They call her Killer because she took care of our mouse problem when she moved in. We were having a contest to get her a nicer name but then she started bringing home rats,” Station57 said.

When she demands lap time, everyone happily obliges.

“I will nap here meow!”

When kitty takes over someone’s chair, the only logical thing to do is to pet her.

“It’s just another spa day here at station 57.”

Waiting for the boss to give the next order!

Working with a supurrvisor around.

She does a great job keeping tabs on everyone’s purrformance!

When the humans take a break from work, they come snuggle with their kitty friend.

Of course, she is always in charge of the remote.

“You missed a spot right here.”

Cleaning the table while getting back rubs.


The fire house kitty makes everyday a purr-filled day at Station 57.

Source: lovemeow.com


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